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It is very common for people to struggle with the decorating process of their home. There are so many facets to home decorating from the arrangement of furniture to making rooms flow, to the placement of the art that hangs on the walls, to the painted color of the walls and trim to what fills the books shelves and counter tops to the drapery that hangs around your windows. All of this I am very good and experienced at.  I am a veteran at the art of Interior Decorating, I have seen and worked on so many people's homes covering the spectrum from contemporary, traditional to modern.  What a good Interior Decorator will do is that they will get to know you and your likes, so that they can then decorate your spaces around you and your personality.  Many decorators will sadly push their own likes and preferences on you, but as we all know not everyone has the same likings for things.  Not everyone has the same decorating likes and dislikes, some people like bold and outrageous while others want traditional, calm and safe. It is my job to create spaces uniquely for you that you will love and want to spend time in.

- Paula Hobbs,
Interior Decorator, Austin TX
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To learn more about me as an Austin Interior Decorator please visit my website  www.Pop-Decor.com 

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I can help with the picking of your Austin TX home's paint colors.  Tip : A color on a small swatch sample will not look same on a large wall.  I can help with interior wall and trim combinations, wood staining tones and I can help with exterior combinations.  My years of working with people helping them with their color combinations will prove to be extremely valuable to the assistance I will lend to you.

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Melding two people's belongings from a new marriage can be mentally taxing, difficult and stressful.  I can help you blend your belongings to hopefully alleviate a lot of the unwanted stress and un-needed tension.

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For your Interior Decorating Austin Texas project, whether you rent or own, live in a small studio apartment or a sprawling estate, I will affordably be able to work with you to create those unique and spectacular rooms that your creative mind dreams of.

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I am familiar with all the design style types out there.  As an experienced Interior Decorator I can work within all environments be it contemporary, modern or traditional, you name it and my broad decorating experience will lend to be extremely valuable.


Moving in to a new home can be stressful, as a veteran Austin Interior Decorator, I can help to make the transition stress free.

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Together, we will create unique spaces within your Austin Texas home decorated just for you that you will ultimately enjoy and be happy with.

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As a seasoned Austin Interior Decorator that knows the area, I know where to shop. I know where the local and on-line deals are. Save huge amounts of time by letting me do the shopping for you.



My Austin Interior Decorating services are very AFFORDABLE, and I can do most projects in a quick, non-costly manner.

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Interior Decorating your home correctly makes a huge difference.  Austin Interior Decorators can help with furniture arrangements.  A traditional Interior Decorating dining room arrangement.  A colorful and lively interior dcorator Austin TX project.  Searching for Interior Decorators Austin TX ?

Interior Decorating is an art, it's not something everyone is good at.  It's not really something you can read about on the internet to figure out how to do.  It's either in you as an artist or it is not.  And, like all art, you get better the more you practice.  I have a lot of practice as an artist of Interior Decor.  When I walk in to a space, the ideas come to me, they quickly flow through my mind.  I can look at a space and immediately know where the furniture should go and what size and shape of furniture will work the best.  I can see a room and immediately from the feel of it know where the furniture should be placed to make the flow of the room be its best.  I can see a wall and I can mentally fill it with artwork, so that I know what needs to be used from your own inventory of belongings or what would need to be purchased.  We can strictly work from your belongings just placing them in their appropriate new places, or we can do a combination of using your belongings and purchasing new items.  I can work with and around all budgets. 

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Don't be intimidated by the Interior Decorator process, I have made it reasonable and affordable.